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Behavioral change is (not) about you

By Andrea Clasquin & Evelyn Keller

Behavioral change and Agile are two concepts that are very often linked to each other. It seems that no transformation project can succeed without a necessary change in behavior and/or mindset. When a company starts a transformation, you’ll probably see all-hands sessions that communicate the importance of organizational and team alignment, and adopting the Agile mindset and values. The introduction of new tools and practices should enable the desired behavioral change. The new values on beautiful posters on the walls in the office. Leaders and managers emphasize the why of the transformation in impressive speeches. And then... nothing. No behavioral change, no goals achieved.

One of the reasons many transformation projects fail is that there’s not nearly enough focus on the crucial link: human behavior. Very often, we try to oversimplify complex topics like behavior which gets us into trouble. Behavior is complex, hard to define, and should always be linked to results. Spoiler alert: better communication, openness, transparency, and proactiveness are not behaviors. What does that mean for the 4 values and 12 principles of the Agile Manifesto?

In this talk, Evelyn and Andrea will discuss why behavioral change is not only about you - as an influencer - but about individual performers. Along with several other common pitfalls, they will unravel the complexity of behavioral change. This starts with properly defining results and behavior, leaving out all the fluffiness. They will provide insights into what you can do to change the environment in order to enable performers to show desired behavior and achieve results. This means that behavioral change is also about you as an influencer. Hint: consequences are a big deal. Join them in this talk and get inspired to kickstart your next transformation endeavor

Evelien Roos is our LEAD Community Host!

Next to her work for this community, she is an experienced Agile Coach at Xebia Academy, a Professional Scrum Trainer at Scrum.org, and a certified trainer for Training From the Back of the Room. She has a profound knowledge of Agile and Scrum and knows how to transfer that to Teams, Scrum Masters, and Product Owners.

She has an impressive track record of helping teams become more Agile, including ING, Rabobank, VodafoneZiggo, and Unilever.

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