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We have reached full capacity for this event. Please send us an email if you wish to join the waiting list.

On the 6th of March, we will host the 2nd LEAD Seminar in Amsterdam!

Why join?
Because it's a great way of connecting with the community of leaders in tech:

  • Intimate setting exclusively for leaders in tech
  • Full-day of knowledge sharing
  • Grow your network of peers
  • Go home with new ideas

This seminar is a not-for-profit initiative; ticket prices are relatively low.

Program - LEAD Seminar 2nd Edition

Stage 1Stage 2
09.30The Cherry Model, Four seasons of innovating IT organisations »
Anneke Keller
CTO @ PostNL
10.00High Voltage Logistics with Ampère »
Robin Nijhof
CTO @ Ampère (by Bol.com)
11.00The Road to Flexibility »
Rob Snijder
CTO @ Relay 42
Scaling a legacy big ball of mud product through collaborative software design »
Kenny Baas-Schwegler
Independant Trainer, Author & Consultant
11.30Turbocharge Your Leadership with Self-Compassion »
Edd Cardy
BI & Analytics Manager @ Mollie
ML doesn’t scale (yet) »
Jurrit de Vries & Stijn de Koning
IT Leads @ Rabobank
13.00A Great Engineering Culture, Why You Should Care About It »
Jethro Sloan & Rustam Alashrafov
Tech Leads @ Xebia
Adaptive Leadership When Navigating the Unknown »
Marjana Shammi
Global Head of Engineering @ IKEA
13.45Unleashing Potential: Rainforest Alliance's Low-Code Adventure »
Ronald van Marissing
Technical Enterprise Architect @ Rainforest Alliance & Nour Maybar
Chief Technology Architect @ Xebia
The science of maintaining developer joy: Flow »
Mehmet Karadayi
CTO @ Dexter Energy
15.00Aligned Autonomy: Powering Tech Teams »
Arno van den Berg
CTO @ Vandebron
15.30Closing Panel Discussion - Scale-Up Challenges »
Marcel Corso | Senior Engineering Manager @ MessageBird
Oleksandr Tryshchenko | Senior Engineering Manager @ Personio
Paul van der Boor | Head of Product @ Mollie
Serge Beaumont | Principal Consultant @ Xebia

* The full program will be released when we move closer to the event.

Previous LEAD Seminar

To get a feeling of what the LEAD Seminar is all about, please watch watch the talks of our previous edition on YouTube!

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