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‘Less is more’: running smaller leaner orgs

By Andreu Mora

Lately, the market has shifted from a mindset around “growth at all costs" to a mindset centered around “efficiency”. In my personal view, for a lot of companies this brutal “growth” meant overlooking important dynamics that IMHO should always be there: smaller teams and smaller orgs being run leaner and with honesty. In this talk, I will walk you through my personal story, the efficiency principles I strive for, and the lessons learned when applying them.

About Andreu Mora

Andreu Mora is an SVP of Engineering at Adyen, responsible for Data (platform, ML, AI, experiments, analytics). At Adyen, he has previously been a VPeng for data science and ML and a tech lead and data scientist working on launching products related to network-based pattern recognition for risk and scalable time series forecasting, as well as being a promoter of a data-driven culture. Before Adyen, Andreu worked for the European Space Agency and private aerospace companies as a data processing architect, tech lead and software engineer in the area of mission performance algorithms and mission design. Andreu holds an MSc. in Telecommunication Engineering from Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya with a focus on maths, signal, and image processing.

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