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This talk is part of the LEAD Seminar of March 6th. Check out the full program here » 

The Cherry Model, Four seasons of innovating IT organisations

By Anneke Keller

Technology teams, entire companies even, need a certain rhythm to adapt to change. A certain method that you can follow as a leader to support your team in growing to innovation. Anneke will talk about this method and give examples from her experiences. Both successful and less successful, all with the intention for others to learn from it.

About Anneke Keller

Anneke has spent 25 years working in the IT industry and has held leadership roles in organizations such as Wehkamp, Coolblue, Jumbo, KPN, TomTom, and she is currently the CTO of PostNL. Throughout her career, she has gained expertise in managing and scaling organizations, developing server-side and embedded software, implementing quality assurance measures, and working with distributed teams and cloud infrastructure. In her current role, Anneke provides coaching and interim work, using her wealth of experience to help others. In addition to her professional pursuits, Anneke is also a member of the Supervisory Board for WWF Netherlands, an organization dedicated to preserving the natural environment, and BrandMR, a company focused on making legal assistance more accessible.

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