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I’m speaking at LEAD Seminar of May 31st. Check out the full program here »

Cracking the Code: 3 steps to a Happy & Productive Tech Team

In this talk, Caroline will show us how she cracked the code in combining high performance with happiness within teams and the lessons she learned along the way.

About Caroline Fluit

Caroline Fluit is a seasoned digital leader with over 20 years of experience driving vision, strategy, and execution for omnichannel retailers across various domains such as e-Commerce, Loyalty & Personalization, Digital in Stores, Supply chain & Operations, Technology, and Data & Analytics.

Her leadership style is a combination of driving innovation and creating value while strengthening the technology and data foundation, as well as the culture.

Currently, Caroline is responsible for Product Engineering for all digital customer solutions both online and in stores, globally serving 32 countries. Her scope of work includes checkout and payments, loyalty programs, customer data, ikea.com & Ikea app, pricing, order management, recommendations, search, content management, and navigation. She leads a team of 800 people across three continents.

Caroline's LinkedIn

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