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Turbocharge Your Leadership with Self-Compassion

By Edd Cardy

As humans, we're often our own harshest critics. We believe that self-judgment and self-criticism are the driving forces behind our success, helping us avoid complacency and stay motivated. But what if we've been mistaken all along? What if I told you that self-compassion, not self-condemnation, holds the key to owning our inadequacies and fueling our motivation?

In this talk, we'll cover the fundamentals of self-compassion and its profound benefits, which touch on topics from relationships to resilience, and wellbeing to personal development. I'll illustrate the power of self-compassion with a personal story and explain how it helped me recover from burnout. Finally, we'll learn how to effectively practice self-compassion and how, as leaders, you can promote it within your teams.

About Edd Cardy

Edd is an Engineering Manager at Mollie, focused on data & analytics. He joined as Mollie's first data analyst in 2019 and since then has helped develop the company's cloud data platform, while establishing disciplines, growing teams, and promoting a data-driven culture. Prior to Mollie, Edd enjoyed working as a data analyst at Gousto, in roles spanning product, growth and operations. He has a background in Chemical Engineering and is passionate about mental health, which he regularly writes about in his newsletter, The Triple Yolk.

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