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I’m speaking at LEAD Seminar of May 31st. Check out the full program here »

Seminar Talk: Adaptive Leadership in a Rapidly Changing World: Embracing the Feminine Side of Leadership

This session explores the concept of adaptive leadership and its relevance in the context of a rapidly changing world. Drawing attention to the often overlooked qualities associated with the feminine side of leadership, the session emphasizes the importance of embracing and integrating these attributes into leadership practices. By recognizing the value of empathy, collaboration, intuition, and inclusivity, participants will gain insights into how these qualities can foster resilience, innovation, and effective decision-making in an ever-evolving landscape. Through interactive discussions and practical examples, attendees will learn strategies to cultivate and leverage the feminine side of leadership, promoting adaptability, diversity, and sustainable success in their professional endeavors.

About Manyana Schmitz

Manyana Schmitz has 20+ years of international experience in Tech, having held multiple leadership positions. Currently, she is senior director Digital Optimization & Transformation at PVH, the parent company of Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.

Manyana’s expertise is digital transformation and strategy, focusing on the people and culture side. In her current role, she has been the driving force behind transforming the organization to becoming a fashion technology company, focusing on agile mindset and cultivating a culture of growth.

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