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The science of maintaining developer joy: Flow

By Mehmet Karadayi

This talk underscores the significance of flow as a vital ingredient for developer happiness and productivity.

One of the most important roles that engineering leaders have is to build and maintain high performing teams. We would also agree that the industrial age understanding of productivity does not work in the creative process of software development. Understanding the important concepts from positive psychology and leveraging them in the design of organizations might be the key!

In this talk we'll take a look at the science behind "flow", as well as actionable insights and strategies to help you and your teams achieve and maintain this optimal state of performance and satisfaction at work.

About Mehmet Karadayi

With 15+ years of experience in the tech industry, Mehmet has worked both as an individual contributor and a manager in big-tech (Booking, Meta) and as a software consultant in both the private and public sector. He likes to call himself a "failed serial-entrepreneur"(0 to 1) 😅 and nowadays focused on scaling tech startups(1 to 100). Outside of work, he have a diverse set of hobbies 🎱🏀♟️🥽🏓🛹🤹 and likes adding new ones to the set every now and then.

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