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How to attract and retain skilled engineers?

By Michiel Valk

We have a “war for talent” for talented engineers, due to the high demand from many Tech/IT organisations. In order to be attractive to talented engineers this organization has to create an optimal working environment with a modern tech stack. In my talk, I want to share what we are doing at Essent to create this working environment and what we do to attract talented engineers.

About Michiel Valk

Michiel is the CIO for Essent, responsible for the IT platform of Essent and Energiedirect.nl. In this role, Michiel transforms his department into a tech department that drives the digital energy business. He has previously worked as a CIO at Randstad and has worked in several tech/IT leadership roles at KPN. Michiel is passionate about connecting “Tech” with “Business” to create value with innovative solutions.

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