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Building psychological safety in a team

Everyone agrees that psychological safety is important and has proven to improve organisational performance and that leaders must work towards it. However, the true grit behind the intent is tested, not during, what we may call, peace times, when the industry is in a great shape, but when the going gets rough.

What is psychological safety and why should you double down even more during tough times on it? How can you communicate the tough messages to your team while ensuring that you create a safe space? And how can we practice this effectively in today’s increasingly remote and distributed world? These are some of the points we will be looking at today.

About Sadhana Gopal

Sadhana Gopal is a highly experienced software development and delivery expert with over 15 years of industry experience. With a passion for solving complex business challenges with technology, Sadhana strives to align technology systems with various stakeholders to bring value to users. As a strong advocate for Agile methodologies, she coaches self-organizing teams to continuously improve their processes and iteratively deliver value. Sadhana also collaborates with teams to find creative solutions to challenges and maintains hands-on involvement to understand the biggest challenges faced by her team. Through her leadership, Sadhana aims to help developers transform into 10x developers and achieve their full potential.

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