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Product Teams To Value Streams

By Sander Verhof

Sander will share his journey in developing a new Agile framework for Lotus Cars Europe. This innovative approach was essential to propel the company forward, ensuring that all associated suppliers operated in seamless unison, with a sharp focus on delivering true value. The traditional General Agile Scrum guidelines were strechted to meet the unique needs of each supplier, a feat that required a substantial amount of trust in all parties involved. He will present the model and divulge insights gained from making this adaptive model a success.

About Sander Verhof

Sander is a skilled transformation advisor with a passion for creativity and strategy in operations. With extensive experience in the field, he has a proven track record in assisting organizations navigate through change and achieve their goals through innovative solutions. Sander has co-founded Agencyengines.com (an Agency for Agency's). And is now working for Zarttech.com (scale your business with senior IT experts from Africa) as an COO.

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