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I’m speaking at LEAD Seminar of May 31st. Check out the full program here »

Seminar Talk: Enabling Self-Organization as a Leader

Self-organization is one of those modern management buzzwords, but it often does not get implemented well, leading to more confusion and dysfunction and a reversal to "old-fashioned" top-down management. So how to enable self-organisation in a way that does work? This talk will deal with the following questions:

- What is self-organization? What is it not?
- How do we enable self-organization?
- What is a leader's role in all this?

This talk should give you practical insights you can use to enable self-organization in your organization.

About Tom Siebeneicher

As a global expert in digital and agile transformations, Tom is constantly inspired by his active participation in these fields. After realizing his long-held dream of travelling the world and gaining intercultural experiences, he has honed his skills in transforming large-scale companies into agile organizations and designing future operating models.

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