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How to Build a Thriving and Productive Engineering Culture

By Walter de Bruijn

In today's fast-paced business world, engineering productivity has become essential for organizations to stay competitive. However, building an engaging and scalable engineering culture requires more than just focusing on productivity metrics. To achieve this, companies must prioritize and invest in initiatives that foster collaboration, communication, and innovation among their engineering teams. By creating a culture that values learning, growth, and continuous improvement, organizations can not only increase their engineering productivity but also attract and retain top talent. This keynote will explore practical strategies and real-world examples of how to leverage engineering productivity to build an engaging and scalable engineering culture that drives business success.

About Walter de Bruijn

A senior executive with strong proficiency in change & transformation and organization development in product and engineering environments. With 15+ years of experience in various tech companies ranging from start-ups, scale-ups, and corporate environments. Proven people manager with a focus on mentoring, delegation, and team development.
Passion for software development in the context of new product development.
Challenged by the creation of digital products with large team setups using agile methodologies without losing the focus on the business case.
Bringing an entrepreneurial can-do mindset to conversations to seek the best possible solutions. Inspire people, energetic but also bring realism in business and IT.

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