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LEAD Live Event

Live Studio Talkshow, Roundtables & Networking BBQ ☀️

We are excited to bring together a diverse group of experienced engineering leaders for a late afternoon and evening filled with great learning experiences and opportunities to network.

Event Agenda:

  • The LEAD Live! Talkshow (also available to join online):

    In this talkshow, our we'll explore developer productivity, how to focus on delivering value through technology, and platform teams. Join our discussion on how you can create the right environment for your product and teams to be successful!

    Caroline Fluit - Global VP Digital Product Engineering @ IKEA
    Mehmet Karadayi - CTO @ Dexter Energy
    Leo Kraan - Director of Engineering @ Booking.com

  • Roundtable Sessions:
    Choose one of the four roundtables to join and share perspectives with other engineering leaders. Each table is led by a community member who also decided on the topic. These are the options to choose from:

    👥 Elevating Team Happiness and Satisfaction
    Led by: Robby Coelho
    💼 Building Career Paths for Engineers
    Led by: Sadhana Gopal
    📈 (Measuring) Engineering Productivity
    Led by: Mirko van Ede
    ⚖️ Engineering Dilemmas: Balancing Trade-offs for Ideal Solutions
    Led by: Aritra Acharya

  • Networking BBQ:
    We close off the event with a nice spring BBQ which creates a perfect setting to connect with other engineering leaders and go more in-depth.
  • Register For Free

    As this event is sponsored by Xebia, there will be no costs involved. Please be aware of our max capacity of 40 people. Please sign up when you're sure you will join the event.

    The live talkshow will also be available virtually. We will broadcast using YouTube, making it easily accessible from all systems and devices. By joining virtually you will sadly miss the roundtables and delicious BBQ.

    Date: Thursday, 16 May
    Time: 16:30 to 20:30
    Location: Xebia Hilversum Office


    Register for LEAD Live!

    We have a limited capacity of 40 people, so registrations for in-person attendance will be closed when we reach the limit.

    Please fill out the form to register and you'll receive a confirmation from us by email.

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